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Make sure you know how to use databases before you jump in. They are not magic, but they are also not impossible to use. Click here to learn how to use databases effectively.

Recommended Databases - where possible, please access these through ClassLink.


EBSCO (access via ClassLink)

Gale (access via ClassLink)

State Library Databases (might need your public library card to log in to this)


This is a shortcut to academic documents. WARNING: we may not always have legal access to the actual documents. However, it is not a bad place to find out who is writing about your topic. Occasionally, you can find the full text of a document.

Google Scholar​


Primary sources are usually a requirement for history papers. Check out this short lesson on Primary Sources along with a list of websites that provide instant access to letters, journals, and other firsthand accounts. Click here.


Interested in newspapers?

Shreveport Times - an actual copy of the printed paper. Click here to log in. Username and password below.

Username: 52262
Password: gannett (lower case)