Read more about accessing database sources via ClassLink and other sites.



  • sources are authoritative and academic—the weakest links have been weeded out

  • many are print sources, simply archived in electronic format



  • start with the best database for your search.

  • be aware of narrowing and broadening your search (pay attention to the number of results as you change keywords and filters)​


  •  use quotation marks to look for a specific phrase

  • use subject headings - ask librarian what these are, subject headings vary from system to system

  • use Boolean logic, truncation/wildcard symbols

    • econom* (economics, economist, economy, economical)

    • organi?ation (organization, organization)

  • place limits to narrow (English only, last five years of publication, full text only)


For more detailed tutorials on searching, try out these links...

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