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Some resources require ClassLink login (see button above). Seems inconvenient at first, but ClassLink already knows most of your passwords.

For more research-specific sources, please click on the Research button above.


The following sites can lead you to research but also... reading for fun! Try it out!

Magnet's Books - First, look at our catalog. Use the search box above. Some books are print, but some are e-books and available immediately. For Ebsco ebooks, you will benefit from having an Ebsco account and an Adobe account so that you can download books. Ebsco has fiction and other fun stuff! Click here to read more about Ebsco e-books.

In a pinch, you can use our Ebsco account. Username: cmhs1601 Password: CaddoMagnet1980!

Shreve Memorial (click here) Search the catalog for books to check out. With a library card number and a pin, you can have print books delivered to your local branch and also download electronic items (audiobooks, e-books) to your device immediately. Be sure to download the Overdrive, Hoopla, and Kindle apps to get the most out of this service. To use Kindle, you will need to create an Amazon account. No credit card needed.

Ebsco (via ClassLink) - use the Ebooks option

Gale (via ClassLink) - use Virtual Reference Library


TumbleBook Cloud (via ClassLink)

Videos and more...

Shreve Memorial's Hoopla Service (click here to download app) Search Hoopla directly. Not all of its sources will be in the catalog above.

Coming soon to ClassLink, LPB media sources, United Streaming, Discovery Education.

College Prep...

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